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Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy

Otelco, Inc. and its subsidiaries (collectively, "Otelco") respect and are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. As a provider of telecommunications and related products and services, we recognize that we must maintain the confidentiality of every customer's telephone calling and other account information.

We also respect and protect the privacy of those who visit our Web sites. Advances in technology have led to the rapid expansion of online services, as well as privacy concerns unique to the online environment. We recognize the need to maintain the confidentiality of information that Web visitors reasonably expect to remain private.

In furtherance of our commitment to protect the privacy of our customers and Web visitors, Otelco has established various policies and procedures designed to safeguard your personal information. This Privacy Policy ("Policy") describes those policies and procedures, as well as how we collect and use various types of information. We encourage you to read this Policy in its entirety.

The Scope of This Privacy Policy

This Policy addresses the privacy of Otelco customers and Web visitors. This Policy also identifies the types of data and information we collect, how we use it, how you can control its use and the steps we take to protect it.


Collection and Use of Personal Data

Personally identifying information

The primary focus of this Policy is non-public information that identifies or that is linked to the identity of a particular customer or Web visitor, sometimes referred to as "personally identifying information" or "PII." Examples of personally identifying information include combinations of name; address; e-mail address; user IDs and passwords; telephone number; billing, payment, usage, credit and transaction information (including credit card numbers, account numbers and/or social security number); and demographic information.

We collect personally identifying information regarding our customers, including information customers give us, information collected as a result of the customer's relationship with us and information we obtain from other sources.

We also collect personally identifying information that our Web visitors choose to provide to us (e.g., name, address, telephone number, e-mail address) when registering on our Web sites; ordering Otelco products or services; sending us e-mail; or in connection with online ordering or billing functions. As a general rule, you can visit the Otelco Web site without revealing personally identifying information. However, some portions of our Web sites may be accessible to you only if you register with us and, if you choose to register with us, you may be asked to provide Otelco with personally identifying information.

Otelco uses personally identifying information to better understand your needs and interests, and to provide you with better service. Once you choose to provide us with personally identifying information, it will be used to support your customer relationship with us, and we will not disclose your personal information to others in any manner contrary to the terms of this Policy. The decision to provide us with your personally identifying information is purely voluntary, and you will have an opportunity to decline to provide such information each time we request it.

When you supply information about yourself for a specific purpose, we use the information for that purpose. For example, we use your information to help you complete a transaction or order, to communicate with you, to provide service and support, or to update you on services and benefits. We also may use your personally identifying information for the following general purposes:

  • To help us deliver the products and/or services you have requested.
  • To design or offer specific products or services that we believe will be useful to you.
  • To manage and upgrade our Web sites.

We may aggregate the personally identifying information of different customers or Web visitors to produce data about a group or category of services, customers or Web visitors. For example, we might use aggregate data about the types of services our customers have generally purchased at the same time in order to develop attractive bundled service offerings. Such aggregate data, however, will not reflect any personally identifying information of any specific customer or Web visitor.

Non-personally identifying information

Non-personally identifying information is data about usage and service operation that is not associated with the identity of a particular customer or Web visitor. Examples of non-personally identifying information include your browser type and the pages visited on our Web sites. Otelco may collect and analyze non-personally identifying information to evaluate how visitors use our Web sites.

Personally identifying information we disclose to third parties

In general, Otelco does not sell, lease or otherwise disclose personally identifying information to third parties without your consent. The following exceptions to this general rule apply:

  • We may provide personally identifying information to third parties to comply with court orders, subpoenas, or other legal or regulatory requirements. Please note that we do not release customer information to any agency or organization without proper authorization. Requests are processed by Otelco, not by third parties, and are carefully verified by our in-house team. Our commitment to you extends beyond our service - that's the personal touch we deliver.

  • We may provide personally identifying information to third parties to notify law enforcement or any other responsible governmental entity if it is believed in good faith that such action is necessary to protect public safety or to protect the employees or property of Otelco.

  • We may, where permitted or required by law, provide personally identifying information to third parties (including credit bureaus or collection agencies) to obtain payment for Otelco-provided products and services and/or enforce or apply our customer agreements.

  • We may provide personally identifying information to third parties to prevent unlawful use of communications or other services, to assist in repairing service outages or interruptions, and when a call is made to 911 from a customer phone and information regarding the caller's location is transmitted to a public safety agency.

  • We may also provide personally identifying information to third parties who perform functions or services on our behalf. Examples include Web site development companies, who provide Web design and analysis. When we provide such personally identifying information to third parties to perform such functions or services on our behalf, we require that they protect personally identifying information in a manner consistent with this Policy and do not allow them to use such information for other purposes.

  • A customer's name and telephone number may also be transmitted and displayed on a Caller ID device unless the customer has elected to block such information. Caller ID Blocking does not prevent the display of the number when you dial certain business numbers, 911, 900 numbers or toll-free 800, 888, 877 or 866 numbers.

  • We may provide personally identifying information to third parties through the directories that we publish and distribute in print and on the Internet. We may also make such information available through our directory assistance services. We are required by law to provide published customer names, addresses and telephone numbers (or non-published status) to unaffiliated directory publishers and directory assistance providers, over whom Otelco has no control, for their use in creating directories and offering directory assistance services. When a customer subscribes to Otelco local telephone service, we offer the opportunity to request that the customer's name, number, and address not be published in our directories or made available through our directory assistance. For more information on controlling the disclosure of this information and/or obtaining a non-published or non-listed number, please contact an Otelco representative.

Customer Proprietary Network Information

In the normal course of providing telecommunications services to our customers, we collect and maintain certain customer proprietary network information, also known as "CPNI." CPNI includes the types of services you buy, how much you use those services and how they are provided, as well as related billing information for those services. Your name, address, and telephone number are not CPNI.

Otelco complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding CPNI. If Otelco is your telecommunications carrier and you have a question about CPNI, you can call your local office or email us at info@otelco.net . We will be happy to answer any questions you have about CPNI and provide you with a detailed explanation of your options under federal law to restrict the use of CPNI.


Our email marketing practices

We may periodically send our customers news about products, new offers, and special promotions by e-mail. When you become an Otelco customer, you are automatically signed up to receive these e-mails. We do not provide your e-mail address to third parties for the marketing of third-party products without your consent.

To update your e-mail address for special offers and products, or to stop receiving e-mails about specials on products and services you can call your local office or contact us by email at info@otelco.net


My Account

What information do we collect?

To access your bill or make payments you will need to create an account. Your account is protected by a password that you choose. We will ask for your name, email address, billing address, telephone number and other personal information. If you wish to pay by credit card, we will also ask for your credit card information which will be maintained in encrypted form for your protection. You can view your account information by accessing your account from the main web page.

How do we keep your information secure?

The personally identifying information that you provide including your credit card information, is maintained on secure servers. When entering personally identifying information look at your browser window for an "https" prefix to the URL to indicate you are on a secure page.

How can you update your information?

You can access and edit your account information at any time by logging into your account. You may update your name, address, e-mail address, and personal preferences in the My Account section of the Web site. You must enroll in My Account to access and update your personal information. If you have not enrolled, call your local office or email us at info@otelco.net to do so.

If you have questions about the status of your orders or any other questions about your account, please call your local office.


How We Protect Your Information

As stated above, Otelco respects and is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. Otelco requires Otelco personnel to be aware of and protect the privacy of all forms of customer communications as well as individual customer records. Otelco makes clear that employees who fail to comply with its privacy policies will face disciplinary action, which can include dismissal. All employees are trained regarding their responsibilities to safeguard customer privacy. We strive to ensure that information we have about our customers is accurate, secure and confidential, and to ensure that our employees comply with our privacy policy.

We employ security measures designed to protect against unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of data, including personally identifying information. We have implemented technology and security features and strict policy guidelines to safeguard the privacy of your personally identifying information. For example:

  • We maintain and protect the security of our servers, and we typically require some form of identity authentication (e.g., user names and/or passwords) to access sensitive data.

  • Unless you authorize unencrypted transmission, we use industry standard encryption methods to protect your data transmission.

  • We limit access to personally identifying information to those employees, contractors, and agents who need access to such information to develop, deliver, or improve our services and products.

If we determine that a security breach has occurred and that such breach creates a risk of identity theft or service disruption, we will make reasonable attempts to notify you.

Changes to this Policy

We reserve the right to update this Policy to reflect any changes we make in order to continue to serve the best interests of our customers and Web visitors and will timely post those changes. Please periodically check our Web sites for changes to this Policy. You should be able to readily determine whether any changes have been made by comparing the date stamp at the top of this Web page with the date stamp at the top of the Web page on which the revised Policy is located.


Contact Us with Your Privacy Questions or Concerns

If, after reviewing this Policy, you have any questions or concerns about your privacy please contact us by calling your local office or email us at info@otelco.net.

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